• 10,000 Pounds Recycled Since 2014

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  • 10,000 Pounds Recycled Since 2014

Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity, topped only by crude oil. The USA consumes in excess of 400 million cups of coffee per day, resulting in a huge amount of coffee grounds to be thrown away. Most of these grounds end up in landfills creating methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Methane is known to be more harmful than carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas that causes global warming. If we are able to keep coffee grounds out of landfills we will be one step closer to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Grounds to Ground creates a natural pest repellent and soil conditioner made from recycled coffee waste. This product is a green soil additive that will place organic matter into the soil that slowly release nitrogen into the soil, feed earthworms and deter pests. As the worms ingest the grounds and move through the dirt, they help spread the nutrients throughout the soil, while aerating it to bring much needed oxygen to the roots of the plants. Grounds to Ground is free of animal-derived nitrogenous compounds, reduces the use of petro-chemical fertilizers, reduces moisture loss from soil and nutrient lock-up. A natural, organic, non-toxic way to control your pests. This product is safe around animals, children and the environment.

Grounds to Ground is committed to running a socially and environmentally conscious company, we strive to offer innovative products to help build a more sustainable community. We believe in work that innovates, makes a difference and remains sustainable without compromising our tomorrow.