Here at Grounds to Ground we make a green sustainable pest repellents and soil conditioners from coffee waste and 100% organic sourced materials.

Grounds to Ground is committed to making balance nutrient rich soils while encouraging social minded business practices and building a more sustainable community. We believe in work that innovates, makes a difference and remains sustainable.

Be Grounded.


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bumble bee

25,000 bumblebees killed, dropping from trees in Wilsonville. Preliminary finding suspect pesticides to be the cause.

Bees are like tiny farmworkers, they carry pollen from one tree to another as they forage. Corn, wheat, rice and other grains rely on wind to spread their pollen. But bees pollinate much of the other stuff that adds color to our plate and vitamins and antioxidants to our diet. They give us blueberries, apples, berries, cherries, melons, grapefruit, avocados, squash, broccoli, carrots, onions, and more.  A surprising amount of our well-being rests on those tiny striped backs.

I hope we start to find more humane and natural way to find a balance. Find out more about the bees in Wilsonville here.

Be grounded.